Party Bus Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Indianapolis Party Bus Rental?

If you’re planning a big celebration and looking for a unique and exciting way to transport your guests, renting a party bus may be just the solution you need. A party bus rental in Indianapolis can be the perfect option for events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, concerts, birthday bar crawls, nights out with friends, and more. But before you book your ride, there are a few things you should know when it comes to party bus prices and what affects the costs.

Pricing always varies based on what you’re doing. But don’t worry! We’ll take a closer look at what to expect when renting a party bus in Indianapolis, including estimated prices, factors that influence costs, and tips for getting the best deal for your group. We’ll also share some party bus rental examples to help give you an idea of what your magical night out might cost.

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Party Bus Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Indianapolis Party Bus Rental?

Estimated Party Bus Rental Costs in Indianapolis

The average price to rent a party bus in Indianapolis ranges from $150 to $350 per hour on weekends, with a 3 or 4-hour minimum rental required. Weekday rentals tend to be less expensive at around $150 to $300 per hour. Additional time beyond the minimum is usually charged at a discounted hourly rate. Besides the base cost, you’ll also need to factor in: Driver gratuity (recommended 15-20% of rental total). Additional mileage fees for routes exceeding set mileage limits. Time allowances for airport pickups or trips extending beyond Indianapolis city limits. For a more accurate price quote tailored to your specific rental, the best option is to call us and provide details like the date, group size, length of rental and planned stops. From there, we can get you a quote in under 30 seconds.

There are a few key factors that will affect the total price of your Indianapolis party bus rental:

Party Bus Types and Capacities

First things first – when it comes to price, size matters! The total cost of your Indianapolis party bus will depend largely on the vehicle’s passenger capacity. We offer everything from 10-passenger limo buses to giant 50-passenger coach buses decked out with luxury amenities. Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular party bus sizes and capacities:

  • Mercedes Limousine Van – 10 to 15 passengers
  • Party Bus – 10 to 40 passengers

In addition to vehicle size, the specific amenities and features you choose will also impact your party bus rental quote. But more on that later!

What Else Impacts the Cost of a Party Bus Rental?

From the distance traveled to the day of the week, many factors come into play when determining your total party bus rental cost. Here are some of the key considerations that affect pricing:

Amenities – Buses with more amenities like WiFI have higher rates.

Group Size – Larger capacity buses offer the lowest price per person.

Duration – Longer rentals usually qualify for bulk hourly discounts.

Time of Year – Prices increase around peak events and holidays.

Day of Week – Weekends and holidays have higher hourly rates.

Number of Stops – While we don’t charge for stops, more stops means more service time billed, so be careful of that.

Mileage/Distance – Out-of-town trips incur per-mile overage fees. Trips to Fort Wayne, and South Bend will be more expensive thatn local trips.

Gratuity – Don’t forget to tip your awesome driver!

Of course, longer rentals often come at a lower hourly rate, thanks to daily or multi-day discounts. For the most accurate rate quote, it’s best to call our team directly at (317) 238-3326. We’ll provide a personalized price estimate after learning more about your specific event details.

Insider Tip: Booking your party bus rental at least 2-3 months in advance ensures the best availability and lowest pricing all year long. For big Indianapolis sporting events like the Indy 500, Colts games, or premieres at Lucas Oil Stadium, 6+ months’ notice is ideal.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Indianapolis Party Bus

Want to score a great deal on your Indy party bus rental? Here are some handy tips:

  • Book early! Prices go up closer to your rental date. Reserve 1-2 months in advance for the lowest rates.
  • Avoid peak days. Weeknights (Sun-Thurs) are usually cheapest. Fridays and Saturdays command a premium.
  • Rent for 4+ hours. You’ll get a discounted hourly rate for longer rentals vs. short 2-3 hour rentals.
  • Get an accurate headcount. Don’t pay for more seats than you need! But also make sure you have enough room.
  • Skip extras you don’t need. Added amenities like premium sound systems and neon lights look cool but drive up the cost.
  • ** Split the cost.** Fill the bus and divide the total cost among your group. A $500 rental split 14 ways is only $36 per person!

Sample Party Bus Prices in Indianapolis

Here are a few pricing examples to give you an idea of what your party bus rental could cost for different occasions:

Bachelorette Party Bus

Jessica is planning a bachelorette party in Indianapolis for 10 of her closest girlfriends. They want to bar-hop downtown for a full night out.

Party Bus: 16 Passenger Limo Bus

Rental Length: 5 Hours (9 PM – 2 AM)

Cost: $1,650 (breaks down to $165 per person)

Prom Party Bus

Mark is getting a group of 32 classmates together to rent a party bus for prom at M544 Independence High School. They need transportation for the full evening to travel between dinner, photos, prom, and an after-party.

Party Bus: 30 Passenger Party Bus

Rental Length: 5 Hours (5 PM – 10 PM)

Cost: $2,250

Birthday Party Bus

Alicia is planning a 21st birthday party bus for her son Lucas and 15 of his closest college friends to a Colts game. Their party bus will shuttle the group around Indianapolis for a full night of celebrations.

Party Bus: 25 Passenger Party Bus

Rental Length: 7 Hours (6 PM – 1 AM)

Cost: $1,925

Corporate Party Bus

A large Indianapolis company wants to rent out a party bus for a summer company party at Top Golf. Approximately 50 employees will be attending the event.

Party Bus: 55+ Passenger Party Bus

Rental Length: 4 Hours (2 PM – 6 PM)

Cost: $2,800

As you can see, party bus rental prices can vary greatly depending on the size of your group, the length of rental, and the type of bus you ultimately reserve. The best way to get an accurate quote is to call Indianapolis Party Bus Company at (317) 238-3326 with your trip details. Then we can tailor a party bus solution that fits your budget!

Frequently Asked Party Bus Questions

Can you bring your own alcohol on a party bus?

Yes, most party bus companies in Indianapolis do allow you to BYOB! Just don’t let the good times get out of hand. Open containers and disorderly conduct are prohibited.

How much are tolls and fees?

It’s hard to tell until you actually take the trip. When reserving your party bus, ask your rental company to provide complete pricing with any taxes, fees, and tolls included so there are no surprises.

How do you pay for a party bus?

Most companies require a deposit upfront to reserve your date, followed by the remainder 1-2 weeks before your rental. Common payment methods are credit card and check. Some may accept cash. Check with us beforehand to learn what payments are accepted

What is the minimum time for a party bus rental?

In Indianapolis, the minimum rental period is usually 2-3 hours. Be sure to ask about minimums when requesting price quotes from us so you can budget accordingly.

Start Planning Your Indianapolis Party Bus Rental!

We hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect in terms of party bus prices and costs for your next Indianapolis event. To get a detailed quote tailored to your specific celebration, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Indianapolis Party Bus Company. We have years of experience providing party bus rentals for all kinds of events and group sizes. Our fleet of party buses features everything from 16 passenger limo-style coaches to massive 55+ passenger buses equipped with dancing poles, light shows, and more. You can give us a call anytime at (317) 238-3326 or request a free quote online using our simple form. We’ll be happy to check availability for your date, find the perfect party bus to meet your needs, and provide a competitive price that works for your event budget. Party on!